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Life makes no sense

Posted by Mickeyland - January 21st, 2021

Ok so I'm not sure if anyone cares but I'm just gonna throw some of my life problems for you to see. today I woke up being tired as always, its begun to feel normal and that's probably not a good thing. Next right after I wake up I reach for sunglasses and a cap because I am very sensitive to light, I have not had a migraine in almost 6 months so that is not the cause, because of the disease it has made school different to me and knowing that I have to spend 7+ hours on school means a lot of eye strain. It's not just at home it is also at school, teachers don't want to only post an assignment on the google classroom for the people that are at home so they post the assignment onto the google classroom for everyone in the class to do. and adding the 5 or so hours more of time I spend on the computer doing things like homework, making content for the internet and consuming content adds up a lot. so I am bound to get eye strain, I should probably see a doctor. With all the time on computers added up that gives me a huge dose of blue light that can keep you awake. I did buy these glasses that block out the blue light a few weeks ago but whenever I use them they make my eyes hurt. let alone that I am already sensitive to light 24/7 so if I use them it only will be affective for me if all of the lights in my room need are off and the computer screen is at one of its lower brightness level with me still being able to see the screen. ok so not including that my eyes are f'd up, the teachers at my school show us some weird videos. in class yesterday as I'm typing this (It's 12:30 am) showed us this weird tutorial video on how to do cpr. well the video starts by the usual thing, the person asks if they are ok. well after that the person said to check if they were breathing, he said the person he was about to do cpr on was not breathing even though it was very obvious that he was breathing. Health is probably the class that weirds me out the most. anyway that is all the stuff I had to get off my chest, if you had the sanity to read all of that than good for you next time I vent about my life problems it's probably going to be a Storytime style YouTube video. anyway I need some sleep so this is the end of my strange live story blog thing whatever.



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Actually, we all are just random arragements of particles who turned out to be stable, so yes, it does not make sense because you can predict the state of everything.

Got me overthinking everything lmao