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Posted by Mickeyland - 1 month ago

It has been a while since I have made any content on here so I will explain when there will be more content. And I will announce some updates in general.

Why haven't I made any content?

Recently I have had a lot of school work and school. By the time I get out of school I am tired as hell from being there. I already start to dread doing anything productive so I do my work so I can do something that requires almost no effort asap. And making games and art requires quite a lot of effort and time, Hence why I have not posted anything in a while.

When can you expect something new?

For me personally the last day of school is June 15, So In less than a month. But as you may know If you have done something tedious in the past you probably know that it takes a while to get anything done, and I may not remember to upload the content so.. It is probably going to happen after that. So if you want an exact date, June 16 is for you. If you want a more vague but more accurate term, Around the middle of June is for you.

When will my next game be released?

I don't know. As you may know if you are a game developer or animator (or both) that estimating an approximate day/time when a project is finished is hard and the day you get is most of the time is not the actual day something will be released. So I cannot give you the exact date any of the games I am working on will be released.

Am I working on any new projects?

Yes, I am. Yesterday I started development on a point-and-click adventure game similar to the Riddle School series of games. I have not came up with a name for it yet, I have only designed one of the rooms and the menu at the bottom of the screen. Apart from that, I rethought some of the mechanics I had from attempting to make a game like this earlier this year. Instead of having every room as a different scene, I will set it up so every room is a different layer on the same scene. Doing this will remove the brick wall caused by not knowing a way to transfer Inventory Items between scenes. Also recently GDevelop (the engine I use) recently added the ability to add videos to games. So now I don't have to animate words moving for credits I can just use a video editor to make the text move. Before this game I have only made platformer games and a game in a genre that probably doesn't exist, Moving the player through a maze from point A to point B. I will show you a screenshot of how the first room looks so far.


It cut off a sliver of the bottom of the screenshot but whatever.

The end.

If you have any questions to ask me just comment them down below. I will not answer any comments that ask for any personal information. It is all on the card on the left, I will delete any comments that ask for that stuff. If you could leave a reaction on this post that would be appreciated. Newgrounds does not give any analytics so it would be nice to know that people are seeing my stuff. :)